Thursday, 16 May 2013

The strategic case for HS2, in terms of increasing rail capacity and generating regional growth, has still to be demonstrated clearly.

Thank you to the National Audit Office for saying what all Stop HS2 supporters have been saying for ages.

“It’s too early in the High Speed 2 programme to conclude on the likelihood of its achieving value for money. Our concern at this point is the lack of clarity around the Department’s objectives. The strategic case for the network should be better developed at this stage of the programme. It is intended to demonstrate the need for the line but so far presents limited evidence on forecast passenger demand and expected capacity shortages on existing lines. It is also unclear how High Speed 2 will transform regional economies by delivering jobs and growth. The Department is trying against a challenging timetable to strengthen its evidence and analysis, which at present provide a weak foundation for securing and demonstrating success in the programme in future."
Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 16 May 2013
If you want to see the full report from the National Audit Office then click on this link:


Friday, 3 May 2013

UKIP and HS2

Are the UKIP gains the result of people wanting UKIP to be in power or are they demonstrations that some voters are strongly against certain things? It is traditional, in midterm elections, for the party in power to lose votes, but they usually lose them to the main opposition party simply as a protest against what the government is doing. Maybe, in these May local elections, the vote for UKIP should be looked at by the main parties as demonstrating that some voters are in favour of some things that UKIP stands for and to simply dismiss it as a protest vote could be a serious mistake.

What does UKIP stand for? I am the wrong person to comment as I am not a supporter but it seems to me that the three main things that they stand for are:

Getting out of Europe

Tightening up on immigration controls

Stopping the building of HS2

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Invest in HS2

If HS2 is such a wonderful thing, then why don't its supporters press to be allowed to invest significant sums into HS2?  After all, £1 invested into HS1 would have turned into nearly 52 . . . pennies. So come on supporter, put your money where your mouth is!

Of course, we are all privileged to be investors in HS2 when it all starts - specially selected by virtue of being on this country. Yes, each and every one of us will share the cost - after all, it is a government funded scheme so that means, yes, you are right, YOU pay for it whether or not you want to.

Amazed to see that the cost projection seems to have risen from £33bn to £40bn (£40,000,000,000 ten “0” sum up the benefits) – surely the government sumsmeisters have not made errors?

Of course it is not so much is it is spread over x years – a sort of HS on HP but has the interest been calculated into the figures provided?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Just how much is £33,000,000,000?

The cost projection of HS2 is around £33 bn.  Ignoring the fact that not all government estimates have always been accurate and that it is fair to say that the figure is likely to be exceeded, just how much is £33 billion pounds?

One billion is a thousand million

So, a million is 1,000,000 (that is one thousand times one thousand)

A billion is 1,000,000,000 (that is one thousand million or, if you prefer, one thousand times one thousand times one thousand)

Thirty three billion pounds is £33,000,000,000

The average UK annual income is £26,500 so £33,000,000,000 is 1,245,283 working years’ pay – about one and a quarter million people’s earnings for a year. That is 4.2 in every hundred working people in the UK. Or, if you prefer, and taking the average working life as 44 years (pick another figure if you prefer) , then 1,245,283 working years divided by 44 would suggest that 28,302 working people would have to work all their lives to earn that £33 bn.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

HS2 - obsession with high speed

Germany is bigger than UK.  German HS trains run at up to 175 MPH - why do ours need to go faster?
France is bigger than the UK and their High Speed trains run at up to 190 MPH – why do ours need to go faster?
USA is a bit bigger than the UK and the maximum speed (one line only) is 150 MPH - why do ours need to go faster?
What is this obsession with speed? What prompts seemingly intelligent government people to support HS2? Virtually every argument that has been put up by HS2 has been destroyed by HS2 opposition and, most of the time, they are left with the argument that the opposition is mainly NIMBYs and that there were similar arguments when trains first started.
You can find endless intelligent discourse about high speed rail if you spend hours on the Internet but the bottom line is that most of the cost and environmental damage comes from the proposed top speeds. 
Go faster and you use more fuel.
Go faster and the track cannot cope with tight bends and therefore cannot follow existing transport routes.
Go faster and you have to move in straight lines which ignore the beauty of our country.
Go faster and you need a wider track, more space at each side and more space between the up and down lines.  It is estimated that the total width of the track is more than two motorways wide.
Go faster and you make more noise.
Go faster and you need more expensive rolling stock.
Go faster and you probably have more spectacular crashes.
Going fast is not a bad idea BUT surely 140 MPH or thereabouts is quick enough for the UK?

HS2 – speeding to environmental and financial disaster.

Join in opposition against HS2 even if the track is not going anywhere near you - you will be paying for it wherever you live in the UK and you are very unlikely to find a useful HS station near you.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stand up and be counted NOW

Would you oppose HS2 if it was proposed that it should go near or through your property? If you suddenly realised that your property would be worth less - or indeed worthless - and very hard to sell?  You would?  Almost certainly! Well, why aren't you opposing it if it is not currently going near where you live?  Selfish?  Don't care about others? If all you 'can't be bothered because it does not come near me' people joined in opposition to HS2, no government (and remember that it is not a party political issue) would dare continue with it. It will affect all of us whether or not we live close to the line as everybody will pay. United we stand, divided we fall.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

HS2 new extended route announcement

The recent announcements about the extended two fingers to Leeds and Manchester prompt the following thoughts.

NIMBY – sadly, as lot of the opposition to HS2 has been channelled in such a way that one of the easiest criticism of people against HS2 is that they are NIMBIES.  This allows an easy downgrading of that genuine opposition into anti progress Luddites.

It might be more relevant for a lot of people to ask "WHY NOT IN MY BACKYARD" - for example, people living in Bath, Lowestoft, Truro, Great Yarmouth or Exeter (to name but a few) will be paying as much towards HS2 as the few who will actually be able to use it. 

With the new route of misery being announced, we will see a fresh wave of support against HS2 – but it is a shame that more of the anti-HS2 effort will not be diverted to look at many other valid reasons why HS2 should be consigned to the rubbish (certainly not recycling) bin.

I heard on the radio that HS2 will increase trade between “our two great cities” (London and Birmingham); there is no doubt that the introduction of the high speed canal boats a century or more ago had that effect as it allowed produce, materials and goods to be moved between the cities (and stopping off on the way) but, unless I have missed something, I do not think that HS2 will be carrying coal, grain or manufactured nick nacks. Lots of people do a lot of their shopping on line and the same is happening in business. Wake up, HS2 supporting politicians and civil servants, the world has changed.

The financial benefits fielded by HS2 and the Department of Transport have been exploded so many times that it speaks volumes for the thick skinned (or just thick) determination of HS2 supporters dogged repetition of the same discredited “facts”.
OK, maybe there is a need for increased government spending (I am not saying that there is, merely that maybe there is) but, if it is needed, why not spend it on something useful – or even, with that lump of money, several useful things? Surely this is not happening so that no one can point and say that people in government changed their mind on HS2 or increasing government spending? Surely not!  ?

I keep hearing the old argument that other countries have high speed trains, why not us? Firstly, the fact that someone else is doing something is seldom a good reason for copying them. Secondly, unless much has changed, there are no high speed networks running at full speed and profitably. Thirdly, there are many countries with higher lots of things – many not good such as unemployment, disease, crime – but that should not make us follow them.

HS2, connecting the few at the expense of all.

HS2, the train you can watch and hear going past but which you will probably never board.

HS2, rushing past you to important destinations like Toton and Meadowhall.

HS2, a financial disaster waiting to happen?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Slow H2O, not HS2. Canal revitalisation, not high speed rail horror.

Add your name to an on-line petition to stop HS2 and, instead, use the money to revitalise the canal network with a focus on water distribution to help alleviate future drought problems in this country. Details at the foot of this blog.

Maybe, and this is just one opinion, one of the main reasons why there is no major disagreement between the main parties about the HS2 is simply that there is common ground about the need for a huge public capital expenditure project, any capital expenditure project, in the UK. The writer can see no fully argued sense in pushing on with HS2 - yes, a need for greater rail capacity but huge speed in a small country? Destruction of environment? Increased pollution due to greater speed? The list goes on and on . . . and on.

BUT, a need for a huge capital expenditure project to underpin growth? Might not agree, but the arguments are more sustainable than the arguments that fail to support the case (not really a case, more a paper bag with a hole in it) for HS2.

It is undeniable that this country - and I mean England more specifically than the whole of the UK - is facing drought over the foreseeable future.  Could be serious. The problem is, as I understand, not a shortage of water in total but water in the wrong places; in other words, the problem is the distribution of water.

It is believed that canals still form an important part of the water distribution network in the UK - however, as we all know, canals have been left to fall into disrepair, short term badly prioritised needs have led to the closure or breaking of others with the result that this valuable water distribution tool is no longer as effective as it could be or once was.

Anyone reading this who knows more about it than I do (and I know very little) is welcomed and encouraged to add their comments to this blog - or pick up the torch (well, it is that year) and carry it themselves.  I think that the canals might be able to help with water distribution in a drought struck country but that needs some properly informed comment; is the cost affordable? Instinct says that it is bound to cost less than HS2 but, again, need informed comment.

So, how about a large capital expenditure scheme to revitalise the canal network right across the country with the main focus on water distribution.  The environmental and recreational benefits are so obvious that they hardly need listing; maybe the opportunity exists to move some of the heavy non time sensitive freight back to the canal network. 

High speed (HS2) train with its eventual 300 mile blight path bringing misery to many but useful transport to few and at a cost which will hurt everyone's pocket - or a revitalised canal network bringing water to the whole country and tranquillity to many?  

I know which I would rather leave my children and grandchildren.

Please add your name to this petition now and send the link to this blog (it is quicker for you than explaining the whole thing) to everyone you know - whatever part of the country they are in - friends, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues.

The e-petition is:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Boris J in Ruilsip 11/1/2012. Stop HS2

Good for Mayor Boris J - he is going to Ruislip in Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 to add his weight to the anti HS2 movement.  Get the detail on the link below

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tunnel under the Chilterns?

Tunnel under the Chilterns? Why not tunnel the whole way and BURY THE WHOLE STUPID HS2 ill judged scheme?

Maybe a rail track suspended by sky hooks a mile off the ground would lessen the noise and countryside impact.  Any other bright ideas?

Monday, 21 November 2011

High-speed rail benefit to economies

One could write endless tomes on the subject but, for the sake of brevity, consider this:

Have Italy and Spain got high-speed rail?

Are their economies doing exceptionally well?

So why is it thought, by some, that high-speed rail will benefit the UK's economy?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Select Committee report

Looks as if the select committee report seems to think that the STOP HS2 supporters have a lot of right on their side!  Hooray for common sense!

Many people in Lichfield and Whittington area are against HS2 high-speed trains - why not check out local action groups and join the fight to stop HS2.

Friday, 5 August 2011

HM Government on-line e-petition

Your opportunity to add your name to a new anti HS2 petition which is on HM Government new e-petition site. This petition has just been launched and we need to drive it onwards and upwards by adding our names to it and telling everyone that we know, wherever they are, that they can add their names too

It does not matter how many other petitions your name is already on - it needs to be on this one!  Why not do it now and take the time to send an e-mail to everyone that you know. Thank you

OUR BIGGEST DANGER IS LAZINESS AND APATHY. If people do not think, or cannot be bothered to look, they will start another anti HS2 petition and dilute the first one - we want to end up with one petition with 100,000 signatures, not 100,000 petitions each with one signature. How many people have you heard suggest that HS2 will not happen because of the latest wave of world financial problems? Maybe the international financial crisis will stop HS2 but, in the meantime, I am going to try to get as many people to add their names to the e-petition as I can - I hope you will too.

Remember to pass this exact link on, probably by email, to all those that you think you can get to add their names to this important petition

Many people in Lichfield, Whittington, Kings Bromley, Alrewas, Middleton, Hints, Tamworth, Freeford area are against HS2 high-speed trains - why not join a local action groups and fight to stop HS2.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mr Michael Fabricant seems to show support

Two recent reports seem to show that Mr Michael Fabricant, our local MP and a Government Whip, is coming out against HS2 - thank you Michael Fabricant. See them both CLICK  and  CLICK

Friday, 8 July 2011

Mr Hammond warns that STOP HS2 campaign wants to stop HS2.

A report in Birmingham Post says: "The official consultation into plans to build a new high speed rail line between London and Birmingham could conclude the public opposes the scheme, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has said."

Amazing perspicacity! Demonstrating an uncanny ability to pick up what people are thinking and talking about Mr Hammond shows clearly that he has his finger on the pulse.

We did not realise what all those articles saying STOP HS2 were about nor why crowds carrying STOP HS2 banners should so often choose to be in localities that Mr P Hammond visits. It appears that people saying stop HS2 are against HS2 - almost unbelievable!

For full article :

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Short, sharp, to the point.

Great slide presentation against HS2.

Keep this white elephant in the wild - stop the HS2 circus

You can fill in the online questionnaire to tell them what you think of HS2.  CLICK
VERY IMPORTANT - if you have a friend, relative, acquaintance, neighbour or colleague who you think might not yet have completed the consultation questionnaire, guide them here. If they need more information, or need a paper questionnaire, we suggest that they telephone HS2 on 020 7944 4908 and ask for one to be sent to them urgently.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Support your MP at the next election?

One thing is absolutely certain - if HS2 is not consigned to the scrapyard or very clear evidence that my local MP is doing his utmost to put his weight behind the STOP HS2 movement, I, for one, will not be voting for him at the next election. This comment is the view and opinion of the writer and others in the Lichfield Action Group may or may not hold the same view..

A reminder for our local Lichfield MP - support is a two way thing and, much as I appreciate your desire to keep the whip, maybe the time has come to consider which is the more important to you - the whip or your seat?

You can enter into the poll on the left.  No personal data is required or kept. Thank you.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Where is the benefit? Can anyone calculate it anyway?

I listened to Mr Phillip Hammond on the radio this morning - I think that what he said was that it was not his fault, it was Labour's fault - well, there's an original twist!

Of course, it relates to the fact that Derby train maker Bombardier has said it will review its UK operations after losing the lucrative Thameslink project to German rival Siemens. Read more, if you will

There are further and bigger questions.  I believe that part of the benefit of HS2 is said to be that it is good for the UK economy.  At the same time, if I heard Mr Hammond correctly, it is correct that all work should be put out to tender to get the best possible return per £ of our money spent. So, I guess that would mean that there is not much hope of UK industry getting any benefit from the multi billion pound HS2 spend.  So, does that mean that there is no benefit to the UK economy?

There is now, apparently, talk of the Chinese getting involved involved in HS2

Not sure if this is good news or bad news . . .good news if they will buy the whole lot and pay us the full cost (financial only of course, no one would be able to pay the full cost of the environmental havoc), bad news if their involvement is limited to tendering for parts of the building and supply part. I have no great experience of the Chinese but I do not think that they are noted for their stupidity . . .in which case, I can only assume that we lose again.

Once again, our attention is directed towards the ability of civil servants (in fairness, of some civil servants) to accurately and properly control things financial. It does not give us confidence in any estimate that comes from a government source

Or maybe we are being nitpicking - it is only just over £6b that cannot be accounted for by the MoD. After all, that is only a 6 and a 3 and a load of noughts which must be nothing . . . .£6,300,000,000, only about £100 per man, woman, child and baby in the UK or about £250 per household.  Ah, that is about one third of the total amount raised by fuel duty in a year - (is that right?) so it is quite a lot of money . . . .

Monday, 4 July 2011

Why pretend with a NONsultation, CONsultation - BIg Society????

If Cameron says government is committed to HS2 and protesters won’t stop it, why the sham of CONsultations, why waste money pretending? 

It is almost unbelievable that the government is busily spending money (our money) having a consultation whilst, at the same time, being clearly determined to have HS2 whatever any of us say or do.  Maybe the intention is to make us give up - in my case, it has annoyed me and made me more determined to have a democratic outcome.

Boris Johnson does not seem to share David Cameron's enthusiasm for HS2

Come on Prime Minster, time for a change of direction, time to get off the high speed track to ruin and nowhere.  Look at the facts and face reality - there is no sensible case for HS2.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Surely this is a cynical announcement.

When I was young, I used to look at politicians as giants; I might disagree with them on occasions but they were always honest, upstanding quintessentially British people with decent morals and standards.

Have I changed or have they?

This latest bit from Philip Hammond:

(thank you Financial Times) announces that HS2 will be sold to private investors (unidentified and for sums which our Transport Secretary will not speculate about) and thus recoup the taxpayers' investment. Maybe he is telling the Financial Times in the hope that some of the private investors who read the FT will come forward with an offer . . .

Clearly, someone has identified that one of the strongest arguments (and there are many) against HS2 is the cost per household or per taxpayer and one can only assume that this announcement is Mr Hammond's attempt to kick that argument into touch.

Beware, all you supporters of the STOP HS2 campaign - a lot of people who know little about HS2 (and that, as we all know is the majority of the good folk of the UK) will assume that, as it comes from the mouth of one of our ministers, it must be true - cleverly, part of our attack against HS2 has been sidelined so we need to think how to highlight the improbabilities of this announcement and work even harder to STOP HS2.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Why do we get so annoyed when politicians change their minds?

It is really quite strange - people, be they politicians or public, sometimes devote a lot of time and effort to changing the minds of the politicians who make policy . . and yet, the minute they achieve their goal, changing those minds, they denounce the politician for making a policy u-turn.

Don't worry, Mr Cameron - when you finally announce that you are consigning HS2 to the bin, we will cheer!

Visit our action group website on:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Congratulations Mr Cameron

Maybe the writer is misguided but I think it is a sign of strength when someone has the courage to say that they were wrong.

There was a much needed yew turn on selling off forests

Now an elegant pirouette with the NHS

Of course, you know what is coming . . . . get off the high-speed track and consign HS2 to history - it was not your party that started it (remember how eloquently Mr Hammond spoke against HS1) and the sooner you stop it, the sooner you stop wasting money on attempting to shove it down the throats of people who do not want it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pro HS2 (HS2 Ltd and DfT) are funded by the public. Should STOP HS2 receive a government grant?

Pro HS2 (HS2 Ltd and DfT) are funded by the public. Should STOP HS2 be similarly funded?

Surely this is a valid point. We have seen the Consultation roadshow well staffed by HS2 Ltd and DfT personnel - oh, and some consultants too it would appear; I don't actually know, but I do not think that they attended the roadshow paying their own expenses and agreeing to receive no salary.

Yet the large number of anti HS2 people that also attended the roadshow received no pay for it nor indeed  any expenses.

Ironic really - the same people who were protesting against HS2 were also contributing to the cost of the Roadshow.

Is it time that Stop HS2 people asked, purely in the interests of fairness and a balanced view, for some form of government grant?

Should we consider fielding a STOP HS2 candidate?

In a parliamentary democracy, we should not expect our MP to bend to favour whichever way the wind blows; we elect an MP to carry out the policies which he or she has declared prior to election.

However, if there is strong movement to support something and little real support coming from the local MP, maybe it is time to consider forming an alternative party (STOP HS2 Party would be pretty clear) and field a candidate at the next election.

The main purpose of this post is to encourage discussion to see whether this is a sensible way of fighting against HS2.

The writer has little knowledge of such things so there may be errors in what is written - however, it seems that the costs are relatively low.  Maybe £150 to register a new party, £500 as a deposit plus, of course, the cost of running the campaign - but with the anti HS2 support that exists, maybe a lot of that could be donated by volunteers and supporters.  There are, of course, benefits to the winning candidate; firstly, the joy of being able to put forward coherent opposition to HS2; as everyone is aware, there are expenses available so that the winning candidate need not be out of pocket; the pay is currently over £65k a year; not sure if a small party could claim the whip additional pay of some £26k for its whip(s).

More effective than waving a banner?

Please visit our website:

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Phil the Train has not always been in favour of HS

In a parliamentary question to Bob Ainsworth, the Under Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, in March 2001 Philip Hammond fiercely criticised:
  1. the questionable validity of the business case
  2. the use of a Hybrid Bill (“bypassing the proper processes of scrutiny that a Transport and Works Act application would have entailed”)
  3. the 180 degree turn made by the opposition government, after it took office, to implement the scheme it had previously been criticising
  4. the long-term property blight the project was causing along the route
  5. the environmentally damaging effect of the scheme, including the fact that it would pass through areas of outstanding natural beauty
  6. the enormous impact on “visual amenity” and the “generation of huge amounts of noise
  7. the fact that no environmental impact assessment had been made
So, Mr Hammond, what made you change your mind?

See more:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

And look - a masterclass in NIMBYISM

Now, we really do not see anything intrinsically bad in being a NIMBY - after all, what is more natural than one's interest being more sharply focused on an issue which directly affects one's environment.  HOWEVER, when the oft repeated charge against people sensible enough to object to HS2 is that they are NIMBYS, it is only fair that one should look at the record of the person shouting NIMBY. Is it a touch below the belt to enjoy the fact that Mr Philip Hammond's apparent Nimbyism is related to . .  .trains/railways!

6 Mar 2001 : Column 50WH

Central Railway

12.58 pm

Mr. Philip Hammond (Runnymede and Weybridge): I am grateful for the opportunity to raise this subject in debate. It has been raised on several previous occasions, but I make no apology for raising again a matter that is of importance to my constituents. A major threat has been posed to hundreds of households in my constituency and thousands of households along the length of the proposed route of a railway line. Since the subject was properly debated in the House, there have been considerable changes in the surrounding landscape and the company has announced that it intends to pursue a different route in seeking approval for the project.

Friday, 3 June 2011

A Masterclass in estimating . . . . and a master Luddite

Original cost estimate for Olympics £3.3b, recently revised to £12b. Comforting to know that such forecasting competence exists and that the people charged with giving us the information that we need are fully skilled in supporting inaccurate estimates.
What cost HS2?
Interesting to see that HS2 - the first bit - is estimated to cost the equivalent of one Millennium dome every 4 kilometres.
The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport, is keen to tell us that we (those against HS2) are nimbys and Luddites. We have already seen in his own record that he is not above a bit of nimbyism to promote his interests and it is now interesting to consider whether he is aware of the changing word . . . rail seems a good way of moving freight and encouraging tourists around the country - HOWEVER, business needs are increasingly dependent on good broadband connection as the need to travel is lessened by the ability to meet effectively on line; maybe those who support High Speed rail as a business need should consider whether they are, in effect, Luddites. Mr Hammond, the country needs high speed and reliable broadband, NOT High Speed trains.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fast track to communal poverty

The consultation document has a subtitle The Fast Track to Prosperity. However upon examination of available data, "High Speed" rail will, in fact almost certainly mean slower journey times for more rail users than it speeds up.

Up to 750 trains every day with destinations not on the proposed new HS line are likely to be slowed or scrapped – this is according to HS2 documents. These rail changes will impact on a quarter of the country.

Close to 40 million passenger journeys each year will be affected with no HS alternative available to them.

The first group to be effected will be existing fast trains between London the West Midlands and the North West. These – according to the documents will "be recast with reduced frequency".

Annexes to HS2 documents last year state that the current 120 fast trains per day between London and Birmingham will be reduced to around 80.

Coventry are set to lose two-thirds of its fast trains to London with the remaining trains slowed by 10 minutes. The existing Manchester and Liverpool service will have a cut of around 50 trains. Stoke-on-Trent will loses half of its London service and also be slowed.

The rail traffic database MOIRA has Coventry as the fourth busiest intercity destination from Euston carrying 976,000 passengers last year. Passenger travelling between the smaller Midland cities and London total a million per year greater than the number from Birmingham to London.

The next affected group is in the London area. The prospectus says that the local stopping service to Watford could be "removed" or diverted to help free up platform space at Euston. This line runs 130 trains per day and carries 5 million passengers per year – twice as many as currently travel from Euston to Birmingham,

Stop whingeing all you students, teachers, nurses. Someone’s got to pay for HS2

Stop whingeing all you students, teachers, nurses. Someone’s got to pay for HS2.

It is almost beyond belief that all the above are so busy whingeing that they fail to see the obvious.  Consign HS2 to the bin and do something sensible with the money

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Central News poll - opportunity to register your view

If you have a Facebook account, you can make it clear whether or not you support HS2

Once you have logged your vote, why not post the link on to your FB page and then send the link to all your friends - does not take long and you could be helping to stop this dreadful idiocy.

Thank you

Thursday, 5 May 2011

HS2 could seriously damage your pocket and cause severe loss of cash

HEALTH WARNING - HS2 could seriously affect your pocket and cause severe loss of cash. To help protect yourself from the unwanted effects of HS2, exercise your fingers by adding your name to the petition, contact all your neighbours and acquaintances - wherever they are - and encourage them to do the same, support any event organised by the local anti HS2 groups and spread the word by putting a sticker on your car; if you feel you would like to support this anti HS2 group financially, please click donate.

You will find links to the items highlighted in red at the foot of the page of this website:

Save time? Lose time? Endanger life? HS2 could do all these.

Sadly, we live in a world where some people feel that they need to make violent protests against things they disagree with. Peaceful protest is wonderful, showing a degree of interest and commitment; violent protest is not.

We all know that planes are favoured targets. We all know that the security checks that exist at airports add considerably to the overall time of a journey; few of us, I suspect, would want to get on a plane without knowing that everyone on that plane had been checked - we all like to travel in the hope of arriving.

Do you think that High Speed trains would become targets for terrorists?

Do you think that security checks would be introduced if HS2 became a reality?

Wold you feel happy travelling on a high-speed train without knowing that the people travelling with you, together with their luggage, had been carefully checked, airport style?

How much time do you think this will add to the overall journey?

Do you think that HS2 will actually save you any time when you take the security aspect into consideration as well as the minor problem of getting to one of the very few stations that will handle an HS2 train?

Is it those who oppose HS2 who are mad or those who propose and support it?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Children can see the stupidity of HS2

If children 9 and 11 can see the stupidity of HS2 why can't Mr Hammond and
Mr Cameron and their friends undertand too?
To make it easier, using simple language, this video has been produced so that even they should be able to follow the arguments!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another place to register your opposition to HS2

Every time you see somewhere to register your protest about the blind stupidity of the HS2 project, you should take it.  In this case, be patient as the page is slow loading but, persevere and you will find the relevant place to tick the NO on the left hand side as you (slowly) scroll down.  The ratio of yes to no is interesting - 4% in favour, 96% against last time I looked - but please take the time to add your vote.

Monday, 28 February 2011

The Government 'roadshow' - public consultation on HS2

The Government 'roadshow' - public consultation on HS2

If you want to know more, please have a look at the STOP HS2 website where useful information and relevant links are given. The Dft has issued loads of documentation - later, once it has been read, comments will me made.

There is now an opportunity to 'have your say' on line. We think that the questions carry bias to get results favourable to the HS2 case - so be careful as you fill in the answers and maybe, just to be sure, you would need to tell them that you are against HS2 in any form (if you are) at some point in every answer that you give.

The cost of tragedy

Heard on radio 4 news on the morning of 28th February 2011

The prime minister of New Zealand estimates the total financial cost of the recent earthquake, which destroyed large parts of Christchurch and which killed many people, at £9b. Our thoughts are with all those who have suffered.

The lowest general estimate for the first part of HS2 is £17b

Sunday, 27 February 2011


It is worth reminding ourselves that our opposition to HS2 high-speed rail is not simply emotional or nimbyistic (if such a word exists). As a side issue, what is wrong with feeling strongly against something which directly affects you?  A recent article by Christian Wolmar reminds us of the stupidity of the assumptions made on cost savings in the Government's "Business Case" -

"Let’s look at the economic argument. This is based on a piece of mumbo-jumbo called a “business case” which actually falls apart as soon as it is examined. The Government says the £17billion cost of the line between London and Birmingham is worth it because it will attract more than twice that amount in  “benefits”.
What are these benefits? They are not for the most part fares income but rather the small savings made by people using the line. These account for nearly £20billion of the supposed £32billion benefits and are calculated on the basis that the value of these travellers’ time is equivalent to a salary of £70,000 a year. So every minute saved is worth about 50p or £30 an hour, which suggests the promoters think the line will be used mostly by fat-cats.
SUCH “savings” also assume that travel time is wasted. That may be the case in a car, where even making a hands-free call can be unwise, but a train with internet access and laptops can be a wonderful working environment."

Well worth reading the rest of what Christian Wolmar says by clicking:

Friday, 25 February 2011

HS2: When will the cover-up scandal emerge?

This is getting to be unbelievable - if it wasn't so serious, it might seem farcical. An earlier blog suggested that H2S was more appropriate than HS2 as H2S stinks.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Pete Waterman's original view on High-Speed trains . . .

You may have seen Pete Waterman's appearance on Inside Out where he voices support for High Speed rail. It is interesting to note that, not that many years ago, the self same Pete Waterman said:

‘I wouldn’t do it. People want to get there cheaper not quicker. I want to keep the little lines. It would be a sad railway if we were all high speed trains and no locals.’

Of course, we are all entitled to change out minds but we wonder what has prompted his change of view.

Read the whole of that bit (if you feel the need for validation) on

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Congratulations to Mr Cameron

Well done Mr Cameron. 

By changing your direction on the sell off of the national forests, you have demonstrated courage and common sense. A very sensible yew-turn (sorry!).

Please now take a closer look at the scheme supported by Mr Phillip Hammond which purports to solve this country's transport problems. It is called HS2 (presumably in order to stop the general public easily identifying what on earth HS2 is) and you need to show the same excellent sense and courage by stopping it.  Yes, this country may well need more rail capacity but it does not need it in the form of a hugely expensive and inflexible blight path across our beautiful countryside

Spot the difference

Spot the difference
H2S = a colourless, very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odour of rotten eggs.
HS2 = ?
In my mind, the colourless is because so little has been done by the government to tell the whole country about it. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Maybe it is time to rethink the use of the words HS2. 
Those of us against HS2 did not come up with that description, it was provided to us by those in favour of it.
Are there more people who have no idea what HS2 is than people who do? Maybe that is why we are fighting an uphill battle against what appears to be massive apathy by most people – all our efforts have, so far, yielded only about 32,000 votes on the Stop HS2 petition and yet, a more recent campaign with the title save our forests has already got nearly half a million votes.
We need something as unarguable as save our forests; stop high speed trains will not do as most people, if asked before fully understanding the horrors, stupidities and wastes of the intended high-speed rail project, will probably instinctively say that yes, they are in favour of high-speed trains; high-speed trains sound sexy, modern, thrusting and fun and being against them must surely be the reserve of the aged luddite factions.
So, all you people who are, after all, intelligent enough to understand why stopping HS2 is a good idea, let’s have some original thinking from you – what ideas can you come up with for an alternative to STOP HS2 – something punchy, fun and that people would instinctively agree with rather than demand explanation and time before agreeing with.
Send your brief idea (if it is long or needs explanation, then it is probably not right) to our website
Or email directly to the address below
Thank you for your help!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

It isn't just us . .. other countries do not seem too keen on their High-Speed horrors!

Have you found out just how wonderfully well other High-Speed rail lines are doing in other countries? Surely, once any sane person has read this lot as well as all the excellent articles against HS2, they cannot do other than immediately add their name to the online petition to STOP HS2


The Dutch cannot make High-Speed rail pay - why does our government ignore the lesson and carry on blindly?  CLICK HERE TO READ THE SORRY TALE

Saturday, 29 January 2011

STOP HS2 - we are ALL affected by it

We are ALL affected
Why is it so important to add your name to the online petition?
Firstly because it allows you to register your opposition to HS2
Why is it important to encourage all the people that you know – friends, relations, neighbours or colleagues – to add their names to the petition too?
Because getting 100,000 (1,000,000 would be a lot better) names or more on the petition represents our best hope of stopping HS2.  The consultations that are scheduled are not to consider whether or not HS2 should go ahead, only to make palliative alterations to quieten vociferous opposition. HS2 will happen if we do not get those names on that petition.
Why 100,000 or 1,000,000?  Because our prime minister, David Cameron said:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ex HS2 chief not impressed with current plans!

The ex HS2 boss, Sir David Rowlands, does not agree with the government and does not think that HS2 will do much to reduce internal air traffic. See the article:

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Get those names on the petition to STOP HS2

Good - you have added YOUR name to the petition

But have you tried to encourage the following to add their names too?

Your partner, wife, husband, fiancee, girlfriend, boyfriend, sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, nephew, niece, mother in law, father in law, son in law, daughter in law, sisters in law, brothers in law - OK, I have missed some, but you will fill in the gaps.  Of course, there are your friends, acquaintances and work colleagues too.  If each one of us got all those to add their names AND suggested to them that they encourage their friends, acquaintances and colleagues too we would soon reach that total of 100,000. The petition is up to over 27,000 now - give it a super boost now. By the way, if you are on Facebook, it is easy to add a link to the STOP HS2 on line petition so that all your Facebook friends will see it too.  Doing this, more than anything else, is what is going to STOP HS2.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

VAT rise will cost us £13b – everybody shouts - why so quiet against HS2?

VAT rise will cost us £13b – everybody shouts -  yet HS2 will cost much more and most people are silent.
Do people complain about VAT increase because it hits their pockets and yet remain silent about HS2 because they think that someone else will pay if they are not directly affected by it? How wrong they are! Assuming that that is what they think, how sad that we have reached a stage where people would appear to be concerned only by what affects them or their pockets. Is this century going to see the death of altruism?
Of course, and credit to the government (of whatever colour and persuasion), most people are unaware of what HS2 actually means; some may think it is a toothpaste, others realise that it refers to high-speed trains but have not appreciated what this 'project' actually means. High-speed train - sounds sexy, modern, just what we need, only the reactionary and the small minded could possibly object to such forward-thinking thrusting development . . . but those who have bothered to find out what it actually means know that it is anything but a progressive development. If you are reading this, it is probable that you are against HS2 BUT have you actually made the effort to contact all the people you know, regardless of their location, and encouraged them to add their names to the petition against HS2? If not, now would be a very good time to start and make 2011 a Happy and successful year.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

You can park on double yellow lines if you are Phillip Hammond!

Great to see what some people's attitude is to the rules and regulations that most of us have to follow.

After the joy and pleasure of Christmas, continue the entertainment by watching this video - click the link below, sit back and enjoy a good few minutes of fun.  

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Forests or HS2?

The government is apparently considering selling our forests for about £2b – STOP the HS2 waste and save our forests instead! Get rid of our forests to generate approx £2b but support spending many times that amount for the High Speed misery express HS2 with its eventually approx 300 mile blight path? Have we got our priorities just a little muddled? Does someone not understand the number of noughts and the decimal places? Our 625,000 acres (approx) of forests give us and our children peace and tranquility and a lot more - can we really be considering giving that up and yet spending all that money on a huge noisy and surely under utilised environment destroying vanity project? Am I loosing my marbles or is another group of people incapable of understanding what the people of this country want?  I am shocked.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

So here it is, Merry Xmas, everybody's having fun
Look to the future, it'll be hell for every-o-o-o-one

You better watch out, you better not cry
You better not sigh, I'm telling you why
HS2 is coming to town

Make a resolution for the New Year - tell at least 50 people that you know to add their names to the petition to Stop HS2 - and ask that they tell as many people as they can to do the same.  If we do nothing, then HS2 will win. Does not matter if your friends and acquaintances live on the High-Speed train line proposed route or not - if they are in the UK, their pockets will be affected so they DO have an interest in stopping the misery express.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Disruption and chaos still on new line

Of course, the new proposed HS2 route has moved the projected path of the misery express high speed rail line about one kilometre from its original path - but if you think that will make a lot of difference to the disruption and chaos caused when the building starts, you are an optimist! Travelling around the Lichfield area and anywhere else that this great blight path goes will be more difficult and your journey time to work will increase . . if you don't want that, add your name to the petition to stop this appalling waste of money vanity project. STOP HS2

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Want to see where misery will be brought by the new HS2 route?

Want to see where misery will be brought by the proposed new HS2 route?

Click the link and you will be able to study it in all its detail

New HS2 route - comfort to some, misery to others

The new proposed HS2 route announced on 20th December 2010 brings a little comfort to some and misery and blight to others. The ONLY solution is to STOP HS2; you can start by adding your name to the on-line petition and then you can spend a little time getting all your friends and acquaintances to do the same - and remember to suggest to each one that they do the same. Surely you can get 20 people that you know to do that? Surely they can get a similar number to do the same. If you are one of the people who is likely (and remember, the new route is subject to public consultation, so could change again) to benefit from the announced changes, remember that you will still be paying for it and remember also that some of your friends and acquaintances may well be likely to suffer because of the changes beneficial to you. Do what you can and do it soon.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Mr Hammond - we are NOT nimbys

Difficult for our transport secretary to speak without accusing opponents of HS2 of either lacking vision or of living along the proposed route.

Firstly, there is nothing basically wrong with being concerned about one's own environment.  Secondly, most people who want to stop HS2 near their homes also want to stop HS2 completely. . . and thirdly, Mr Hammond, you know full well that there has been no great effort by HS2 or the government to bring this to the attention of the country; a few people along the proposed route found out and, fortunately, made great efforts to bring it to the attention of the rest of us - not surprisingly, the main efforts were made to inform people along the proposed line.  When you, Mr Hammond, make comments that it is mainly people along the proposed line complaining, you surely realise that it is both a cheap shot and also that you are responsible for not having informed the population.  Many of us (probably most of us) are not as stupid as you would like to think.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tory MP supports his constituents' views

It's good to see that some MPs do represent their constituents' views.  Congratulations to MP Chris White who represents Warwick and Leamington.  Can we expect others to show the same courage?

Yes, stopping HS2 is important, but so is Christmas!

Take a short time out of your day - turn on your speakers and enjoy the music

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - very happy when we know that we have stopped HS2!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Now Warwickshire County Council say NO to HS2

Locally, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire County Councils and Coventry City Council and now Warwickshire County Council have made their position clear and unequivocal:

Messrs Cameron and Hammond - the message is clear - the voters DO NOT WANT HS2 TO GO AHEAD.  How much clearer do you need the voters to be?
NO to HS2

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Unanimous rejection of HS2 by Coventry City  CLICK HERE and the government think they can ignore all this and carry on as they choose? We are a democracy and if enough of us say "STOP HS2" then, whether they like it or not, they have to listen. Have you added your name to the on-line petition yet?  You have, good . . have you asked all your friends to do the same? We cannot just sit back, we have to make it NOT happen. 

Keep UK running for the next century or build HS2?

I am sure that there was an article on the news last night which said (I apologise for errors, please do correct me) that a one off expenditure of £1.4b followed by annual expenditure of £0.48b would avoid us all having the problems caused by road, rail and air not being able to function whenever we have a severe cold spell or a bit of snow.

There are many estimates of the cost of high-speed rail line flying around, confused by whether the sums are for HS2 or the full array of HS's (HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9 and who knows how many more Horribly Stupid schemes) but I do not think too many will argue with the following calculation:  100 x 0.48 = 48 plus 1.4 = 49.40 which is surely less than the final total cost of this crazy High-speed rail line vanity project.  Lets face it, the benefits are more obvious - did I hear that it was estimated that the true cost of the disruption caused by recent weather ran at about £1b a day.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Railways not running very well are they? Spend money on railways WISELY

Good morning Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond

Railways not running very well are they?

Do you think it would make more sense to spend the money that needs to be spent to make the existing railway network run properly rather than spending umpteen times as much on an unwanted high-speed rail line (HS2 and beyond) for which there is neither a proper business case nor an environmental case? You may upset a few Europeans if you ditch this HS2 vanity project now but you would save losing the support of many British voters.

Take note of and apply the principles of the big society that you advocate.

Have a pleasant day

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


AGAINST THE PRIME MINISTER'S SUPPORT FOR HS2. It is good to see that the opposition is not restricted to people who are against the Tories and present government - there appear to be a growing number of government MPs, ministers and supporters who are as against HS2 as we are.
Thanks to the Telegraph for this article

Friday, 26 November 2010

No HS2, no problem for you or anyone else. Stop HS2 NOW.

The only way to be certain that you property is not blighted and your pocket not drained by HS2 rail line route is to STOP HS2 - no HS2, no problem for you or anyone else.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

HS2 will happen if we do not make the effort to stop it

David Cameron: high speed rail link will go ahead

David Cameron has insisted that the Government’s proposed high speed rail link between London and the North will go ahead despite the opposition of some Conservative ministers.


You may think that, because so many people you talk with are against HS2 and all the rational arguments clearly show that HS2 should get no further than the drawing board, HS2 will not happen - be warned, Cameron's stance is pretty unequivocal (which begs the question as to why an intelligent man should want to support a clearly ill thought out project) so he does not give any weight to all the opposition (including Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council).
If you have not already added your name to the petition to stop this dreadful high speed money drain and 300 mile blight path, now is the time to do it and to take the time and effort to get anyone you know (wherever they are, not just local) to add their names too.  Don't wait until it is too late. Click link below

Thank you

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Will a leaf on the line stop a high-speed train? If it is the wrong sort of leaf, I guess that there is a good chance.  Of course, if it is the wrong sort of leaf AND it is a frozen leaf then, being the UK, we can guess the probable answer.  Any bets?

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Time to remind you . . have you added your name to the Stop HS2 on line petition yet?  Have you told everyone you know to do the same? Have you asked them to tell everyone they know to do the same . . .if 50 people told 40 people to tell 30 people to tell 20 people to tell 10 people . . .then 12 million more people would be aware of HS2 high speed horror .. . and if only 10% added their names to the petition then that would be 1.2 million on the petiton and no governement could ignore that.  I have done my 50 (more actually) so all we all need is for you to do yours!  It isn't hard, it doesn't take that long and, I don't know about you, I would rather spend some time and effort than to hear that train anywhere near me and to pay for it even if I didn't.  Start NOW

DfT suggest that Lichfield is an area of no particular note!

It says on Page 13 of The appraisal of sustainability non technical summary "Impacts on townscape are generally avoided and few areas of particular note would be affected". No mention of Lichfield which must therefore be an area of no particular note.  I wonder if Lichfield residents agree with that - I don't!  

Friday, 19 November 2010

Staffordshire County Council position on HS2.

Now Staffordshire County Council declare against HS2 - great news and congratulations to the people at SCC for clear and courageous thinking and action.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Staffordshire County Council Meeting in Whittington. HS2

Staffordshire County Council are organising a public meeting in the Village Hall at Whittington from 19.00 to 22.00 on FRIDAY 19th of November. If you live near Whittington we urge YOU to attend to show SCC what we feel about HS2 - bring your friends too! You don't have to live in Whittington to attend the meeting, But spaces are limited so you should book you place by emailing
SCC also promise that they will hold other meetings over the coming months.
See the SCC press release.

Protected species on HS2 route

Has the protection of protected species such as (but not limited to) bats, badgers and newts been fully considered by HS2 in the development of the proposed routes? Maybe you know the answer and would like to add your information on this blog.  Thank you

Friday, 12 November 2010

Have HS2 got their figures wrong - read and decide!

Have HS2 got their figures all wrong?  You decide . . read this informed article at

and then, if you agree that this HS2 high speed train high speed money drain 300 mile blight path of misery across our glorious England should be stopped (especially if you do not want to pay for it, which you will, like it or not UNLESS IT IS STOPPED) please add your name to the on line petition (take you only a couple of ticks or so) by clicking below

Stop HS2

HS2 Ltd a quango?

Great article on HS2 at